Executive Committee

Doncaster Mind is governed by our Executive Committee, which is responsible for overseeing all of the work we do.

The Executive Committee is made up of individual trustees, all of whom bring their particular skills, knowledge and expertise to ensuring that our organisation is running efficiently, effectively and to the high standards expected as a registered charity and company. This includes operating within our constitution, financial regulations and always in line with our mission, aims and values. It is responsible for ensuring our business plan is delivered, and for making key decisions to move Doncaster Mind forward.  The Executive Committee meets 6 times a year with extra meetings in between.

We are always looking for new Trustees to join our Committee, if you are interested please click the following link

Our Trustees

Karen Foy (Chair)

Pat Loveless (Vice Chair)

Becky Roberts (Treasurer)

Lindsey Gillies

Cameron Clark

Peter Jones

Maria Orlovic

Kate Wilson

Ann Scott

Ann Symon